PLEASE VISIT for detailed information on transforming a “bedroom community” to a Telecommunity, enabling people to work near where they live. La Plata, Maryland is the model for the nation showing how to harness new technology while mitigating the Law of Unintended Consequences.



1828 L St NW, Washington, DC

(202) 841-1944


Catholic University Law School lecture(click to view Jay Hellman’s lecture)

VirtAdj CommLaw 13mar08r ppt – (slide show used during Jay Hellman’s lecture converted to a .pdf file)

Virtual Adjacency on YouTube – click to view two short videos on YouTube’s site:

1]   “Telework; The Changing Nature Of Work.  Cure For Traffic Congestion”   {4 minutes, produced by The Telework Consortium}, and

2]   “Presentation by Aris Melissaratos Charles County, Fiber Optics, Telecommuting”   {2 minutes from his keynote speech at the Charles County EDC Summit}

The Office Building Of The Future

Unprecedented zoning variances were won 14 July 2001 for 500 New Jersey Avenue. It was the world’s shortest public hearing: 15 minutes. There was a unanimous bench decision. The order was signed the next day. You have never seen government work that fast! But because 9/11 occurred just seven weeks later, I was forced to sell the site and a variation of that building was constructed by the NAR National Association of Realtors. Many people were very disappointed at the design change. They are delighted that we will be able to build this building they loved at 800 New Jersey Avenue (once we obtain the land from the city and re-zone it properly.)

An impressive group of people propose it to become the MIT Center in DC at 800 New Jersey Avenue, NW.

Diagonally across the street we propose a memorial to John Adams, second president of the US. The memorial would sit on National Park Service property ON Massachusetts Avenue AT the Capitol.



Lafayette Centre

Washington, DC: The first “One-Step PUD” in DC created by Jay Hellman in 1977. New zoning was invented and alleys were re-arranged to create an incomparable urban environment.  VIEW IN CONTEXT – 3 DC city blocks

(This photo shows you the “back alley.”)

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