77 Mass Ave, NW


Proposed mixed-use bldg for MIT – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The MIT Center in D.C. would sit between a proposed memorial to our 2nd president – John Adams of Massachusetts (across NJ Ave linking the MIT Center to Mass Ave) – and a memorial to a patriot from New Jersey in the park immediately north.





Public policies deliberated upon, adopted and implemented in the nation’s capital affect the lives of citizens not only of America, but also of the entire world. Science, technology and public policy are increasingly interdependent and complex. The complexity is magnified by the growing number of issues facing the planet: energy, climate change, health care, biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology, education, and the economic, social, political and ecological challenges of globalization.

Meeting these challenges is the essence of MIT’s educational and research mission. Realizing this, MIT created the Engineering Systems Division (ESD.) But missing are human-trust relationships that grow from personal interaction. MIT’s students would benefit significantly from their exposure to our Government and its processes for making science and engineering policy decisions. They will also benefit from their exposure to the many other institutions engaged in research, and policy formation that are based in Washington, DC. In fact, exposure to these issues increasingly will become a vital part of an MIT student’s education; and having that as part of its curriculum will give MIT, and its students who participate in it, a significant comparative advantage.

Please download a 4 page white paper entitled: PROPOSAL for an MIT CENTER in WASHINGTON, DC. It was written by four exceptional individuals with 14 MIT degrees (collectively) and awesome, relevant real-world experience and knowledge (brief bios of each are at the end of the four page paper.)