Woodmont Triangle, Bethesda, MD

This is how to grow an old urban area in a Smart Growth TOD
(Transit Oriented Development) manner without destroying it at the same time.

In the age of virtual adjacency, the experience of place is the top priority.
Unless we make “being there” worth the effort of “getting there”, it will die.

Think of the web-page below as a 53+ tab three-ring binder. Tabs 1 through 13 relate primarily to Fairmont Avenue in the Woodmont Triangle in Bethesda, MD as a specific example applying my creative thinking to solve this critically important problem (please start with the Front Cover and then Tab 9 then Tab 8.)

Tabs 14 through 48 are the intellectual foundation supporting the vision, insights and governmental repair enabled by the new Maryland State Law proposed in Tab 48a-2 (then Tab 51a; then Tab 53c.)

Tab 28a sets out the big ideas on just one page — it took seven years of thinking to write. Tab 48a-1a is a two page bullet point summary of the public benefits that the proposed new State Law — SRSOD Maryland State Rail Station Overlay Districts — will produce. The proposed SRSOD will make developing TOD Buildings on land within walking distance of rail stations so attractive, rational and efficient that green, smart growth will thrive, the public will become healthier, both enabling government itself to become sustainable — deficits are deadly.

How the money moves is a very important part of the “magic” of the SRSOD.
Please look at Tabs 10b and 10c and then 10a.

Tabs 49a through 49k are substantive letters of support from smart, experienced people — please start by reading Tab 49e3.

Tabs 50a through 50m and 52e and 52e2 are letters of support from the “politically correct” people — please start by reading Tabs 50d and 52e.

There are four big ideas:

1)  The ‘project’ is the neighborhood.  Individual buildings are pieces of the larger jigsaw puzzle. Once the “skeleton” (the public realm) is properly developed by local government (with state assistance as provided by the SRSOD) approving buildings (the “muscles”) becomes one-public-hearing easy. How the money moves is so logical and fair it will seem like magic (Tabs 10b and 10c.)

2)  Metro-rail is a horizontal elevator. Land within walking distance of every station (Tab 28a) is “another floor in the same building.” An elevator is a vertical metro-rail — neither makes sense without the other (i.e. land-use and transportation MUST be addressed together — N.B. subject to the SRSOD’s Design Review Guidelines and sale of increased density at 50% of actual value (NOT TDR’s! see Tab 48a-3a,) height limits and FAR limits as absolute fixed numbers are not legal);

3)  Land surrounding rail stations in the suburbs today has an automobile-fabric public realm. Buildings sit in the middle of parking lots.  TOD buildings sit on sidewalks. It makes no sense to construct a building on a sidewalk if everything surrounding it is parking lots and roads. This problem CANNOT be solved one project at a time yet that is exactly what we have been trying to do for 3 decades! The public realm is the context within which the private sector exists.  It is government’s job to address this in the most efficient (cost and time) manner possible (please see Tabs 41a-1 through 42b-2.) The SRSOD enables this to happen powerfully and efficiently;   and

4)  Almost every number in zoning is arbitrary —  DO NOT give them divine significance.  The land-use regulatory goal should be to maximize sources and destinations of pedestrians within walking distance (Tab 28a) of rail stations.  This is a design issue requiring flexibility — NOT rigid linear mathematical formulas that presume every site is identical. Context matters.

000) Front Cover Peanuts Place 7725 OGR Einstein & Twain

Rear Cover — map, Metro-rail and the Woodmont Triangle: 000 Project plan – aerial photo3

0-tbl-cont_25tab-wsga-7725.pdf *** please DOWNLOAD this Table of Contents for more detailed PDF descriptions***

0 WSGA award application-7725 (detailed data)

Government MUST fix these 6 items: 0-wsga-award-applic-7725-action-items.pdf

1a Urgent Plea to improve the Transfer of Density regulations prep for Marlene Michaelson (Council) & John Carter (m-ncppc)

1b urgent-plea-to-improve-the-transfer-of-density-regulations.pdf

2 Marlene Michaelson + Positano cluster TDR_web

3 Mal Rivkin, AICP to M-NCPPC Chairman Royce Hanson Individual buildings are NOT “the project”: the Woodmont Triangle is

4a Building Height Pros + Cons: narrative

4a-2 Bethesda’s tall buildings offer up rooms with views Gazette 13sep06

4b Building Height Pros + Cons: numbers

5 numbers analysis: Density Transfer Council error Preserving and improving some existing buildings is critical

6a Public Cost of on-site Amenity is 4x private cost

6b Veterans Park should be the Town Square

6c Landow building and Veterans Park aerial

6d_Manayunk, Pa – model architecture for Veterans Park

7a w_Lionsgate Landow bldgs VE_6-13_5-23-L9

7b Plat image of Woodmont Triangle from M-NCPPC-7725

8 Massing model: multiple buildings “Average height” is 107 (8) Ave Height of 5 bldgs on Fairmont a2c

9 Photos & concept dwgs: Fairmont Avenue – Before and After “Petri dish”

10a Deal Summary spreadsheet: existing buildings contribute to Amenity Fund and invest in improving themselves

10b Economic Overview of SRSOD MoCo

10c Economic Overview of SRSOD Pr Geo Co

11 Green Roof Facts – David Honza, Honza Group Incorporated

12a Architectural drawings: First floor without Garage entry

12b Architectural drawings: First floor with Garage entry

12c Architectural drawing: Typical office floor fronts on all 4 sides; windows for all (many can open!); balconies

13 WDG 7725 OGR Woodmont Triangle Concept Study 18sep09 pg 3

14 Riding that train, Feeling much pain. Jen Chaney, Gazette

15 Party’s over in Montgomery Washington DC Examiner

16 County’s dirty little secret. Nancy Floreen, Gazette

17 Design is an Externality {Pickles ‘toon}

17a A Public Arbiter of Good Design. R. Lewis, WPst, Shaping the City column 5jan08

17b R. Lewis Chicago Gets Design Gold Medal WPst 17oct09

17c R.Lewis Glass rules our cities WPst 14nov09

17d R.Lewis Good Design and the Comm Fine Arts WPst 5jun10

18 There’s nothing sacred about the building height limit. Roger Lewis, Washington Post, Shaping the City column 26May07

19 Region’s Parks are Source of Pride, but Can There Be Too Much Green. Roger Lewis, Washington Post, Shaping the City column 7jul07

20 Reality Check: Future Growth Likely to Transcend Tabletop Solutions. Roger Lewis, Washington Post, Shaping the City column 19feb05

21 Virtual Adjacency and the Meaning of “Place.” Jay Hellman lecture Catholic University Law School: www.virtualadjacency.com for webcast and slides

22 Trend Summary+Hellman Transform CatholicUniv Mar08r

23 The Harvard Int’l Review: The Future of Urbanization How Technology is Shaping a New Urban Order, N.J. Slabbert

24 ULI Urban Land Institute article Telecommunities (May 2005)

25 JJH e-mail to Council and M-NCPPC re Mont Cnty Healthy & Sustainable communities workshop (to be held 25, 26 June 2008)

26a Metro-rail is Regional NOT Local

26a-2 Another floor in the same bldg slide 19 Part 2 – Streetcar Villages Vancouver Story r

26b SRSOD math p=n_(n-1)

26b-2 Ezra Klein City as Growth Engine WPst 13mar12 RSOD jh

27a Scarcest Resource in MoCo Land Use Policy

27b PrGeorge Delays METRO Green Blue Orange Lines WashBsnsJnl 26mar10

27c Scarcest Resource in Pr Geo Co Land Use Policy

28a Walking Distance from rail is NOT a ‘number’

28a-2 Extend the fabric slide 11 Part 3 – Vancouver Style r

28a-3 Cities in a Sea of Green slide 11 Part 1 – Context and Growth Vancouver Story r

28b-1 R.Lewis Encourage Walking by design of public realm and buildings WashPst 8may10

28b-2 R.Lewis Break love-affair with Parking WashPst 16July11

28c Inauguration Bound? Just walk, Metro Says (2 Miles!)

29a Fat in the USA BsnsWk Jul09

29b Obesity facts {Rails to Trails Gotschi}

29c-1 Sprawl and Public Health CDC Frumkin #117

29c-2 CDC Frumkin Healthy Communities, Green Communities pg 118-125 NBM book

29d PARADE Mag 10 Minutes to Better Health

29e CanyonRanch- why WALK

30 ULI R.Rosan Land Use and Green

31a Dru Schmidt-Perkins 1000 Friends coop re-zone MD

31b JJH to Dru Schmidt-Perkins 1kFriends MD zoning

31c Dru Schmidt-Perkins 1000 Friends coop re-zone MD Nov09

32 R.Lewis Green House won’t solve Bad Regulation WashPost 2May09

33a Crashes vs Congestion AAA report Mart08 CvrPg-3

33b-1 Crashes vs Congestion AAA report Mart08 Exec Sum

33b-2 Crashes vs Congestion AAA report Mar08 Full

33c Auto Fatalities 8 cities Frumkin CDC slide 54

34a RealityCheckPlus-VisionMD-cover

34b RealityCheckPlus-VisionMD-pg 6,7

34c RealityCheckPlus-VisionMD-map LEGO chip stacks

34d Realty Check Plus-VisionMD Oct06

35a Where do we Grow from Here MD TF Report CvrPg

35b Where do we Grow from Here MD TF Report Members ltr fr Chairman

35c Where do we Grow from Here MD TF Report TblCont ExecSum

35d Where do we Grow from Here MD TFReport

35d-1 Where do we Grow from Here MD TFReport pg 24-31

36a Doug Duncan talks Development WBJ

36b Doug DuncanOpEd Govt Failure WashPst 15feb09 jjh

37 R.Lewis Gov’t Job Plan+Public Realm WashPost 28feb09

38 R.Lewis Economic Downturn help Smart Growth

39a R.Lewis Affordable Hsng WashPost 16feb08

39b R.Lewis High Price Hsng Sprawl WashPost 14mayo5

39c R.Lewis Affordable Hsng Needs Gov $

39d S.Fuller Wash Region Housing Problem WPst

40a Carbon Neutral bike_walk Gotschi Nov09

40b CO2-emission-f(Ave-Speed) ULI bk

41a-1 Hopkins RschCtr Sprawl WPst

41a-2 slides 13,14 Shady Grove NCI HB 948 SRSOD 3mar11 present_web

41a-3 slides 21, 22 White Flint JBG tower HB 948 SRSOD 3mar11 present_web

41b Howard Univ BioTech Space campus in Pr George’s Cnty WPst

41c-1 Reduce VMT Sustainably SRSOZ Howard U PG example

41c-2 slides 17,18,19 W.Hyattsville Howard Univ made possible by HB 948 SRSOD 3mar11 present_web

42a Garage Empty at Columbia Heights WPst

42a-2 slides 15,16 Columbia Heights TARGET need far LESS parking HB 948 SRSOD 3mar11 present_web

42b VMT-vs-Density-58cities ULI bk

42b-2 Vancouver Progress- It aint all bad news 10-15 yr changes slide-1

42c MIT Prof Forrester- Counterintuitive Behavior of Social Systems TechRvw Jan 1971

43 Will That Road Make You Sick? WashPst 28sep09

44 Smart Growth Hurdles in Montgomery Co. WashPst 22oct09

45 Study says Smart Growth in MD is a Flop WashPost 2nov09

46a Digital Nomads Choose Tribe WashPost 26jul09

46b-1 PG KHolman few Federal leases in PG WashPost 2aug10

46b-2 Why Pr Geo needs SRSOD – GSA Rejects 2nd time Pr Geo bids for HHS WPst 25aug11

47a ULI Virtual Office (Hellman) article May96

47b Longest Ride in US WashPost 3feb09

48 Del Holmes to colleagues HB 948 is valuable solution

48a-1a SRSOD benefits EVERYONE 2pg bullet-point summary

48a-1b slides 3, 4 CONTEXT & Roger Lewis ‘toon HB 948 SRSOD 3mar11 present_web

48a-1b1 Human Muscle System SRSOD drawing

48a-1c slides 5,6,7 DC L’Enfant 19 orig landowners HB 948 SRSOD 3mar11 present_web

48a-1d SRSOD ToolKit Preparation and Testing Progress Report, 7-25-11

48a-1d2 SRSOD ToolKit Proposal v25r clean, 10-21-13

48a-1d3  <being updated >

48a-1d3h  < being updated >

48a-1d4 Dick Krueger to Rushern Baker support RSD ToolKit Create & Test Project

48a-1e J Rodin Rockefeller ltr from Wendt, 6-6-11

48a-2 SRSOD hb0948f 11feb11 State Rail Sta Overlay District w_jjh line#’s needing revision

48a-2c SRSOD HB 0948 corrections

48a-3a TDR’s are Gov’t MALPRACTICE 601NJ example

48a-3b TDR testimony PG CB-80-2008 rev_pr

48b Brookings Katz Overhaul State and Local Gov’t WallStJnl 16apr10

48c MD State PlanMaryland and SRSOZ Gazette 28apr10

49a SRSOZ Support to Del. Holmes fr Earl De Maris

49b TCR Bay to Holmes support SRSOZ

49c Leinberger to Holmes support SRSOZ

49d  Wendt, RA, AICP to Holmes support SRSOD

49e1  Roger Lewis, FAIA to Holmes support SRSOD jh

49e2 HB 948 Roger Lewis 3-3-11 testimony

49e3 HB 948 SRSOD Bill Roger Lewis Wash Post 12mar11

49f HB 948 Dove to Holmes support SRSOD

49g HB 948 Bill Kominers testimony SRSOD_ltr_Mar_01_2011

49h HB 948 R Thomas AICP to Holmes SRSOD support ltr

49i HB 948 Nagy SRSOD testimony

49j HB 948 Todd Spanier to Del. Holmes support SRSOD

49k NJ Slabbert Balt Sun OpEd HB 948 SRSOD Very Important to Maryland

50a Roger Lewis support for HB 1195 RSOD 23feb12

50b MDP support for RSOD HB1195 23feb12

50c Prince George’s County Testimony-Supp-ENV HB 1195 RSOD 23feb12

50d Mayor Tabori support HB 1195 RSOD — Supplement to Oral Testimony 23feb12

50e Sierra Club support for HB 1195 – SRSOD – Holmes – ENV 23feb12

50f 1000 Friends support for HB 1195 – transit overlay district 23feb12

50h) CNU Congress for New Urbanism support HB 1195 RSOD

50m MSBA support SRSOD HB 1195 23feb12

51a HB1195f first reading 10feb12 jjh notes

51b Amend Co-Sponsor HB 1195 SRSOD 22feb12

51c HB1195-283523-03 amend text 23feb12

51d Fiscal Note Document HB 1195 22Feb12 jjh notes

52e Dan Smith to Del MHolmes support SRSOD 2013 highlight

52e2 Dan Smith e-mail _SRSOD will fund transportation! – Today’s briefing” 15feb13

53c SRSOD draft bill for 2013_14 rev 9Jan2013 JRT

53e CNU ltr Supporting SRSOD ToolKit, J Norquist signed, 5-28-13 highlighted